Exercises in Motion: How to Exercise While Travelling


For those who are regularly working out, traveling for pleasure and business can be a hassle. Not only does it messes your schedule and routine, you may not even be sure if there is an ideal venue to hold your workout, especially if you jog, do weight training, or swim.

Exercise must be repeated in order to deliver results. And traveling could disrupt the daily workout routine you’ve tried so hard to follow.

In order not to disrupt the development of your fitness routine even while traveling, there are recommended “exercises in motion” that you can try.

When traveling for business purposes for example, book a hotel with its own gym. Ask for a workout program from your local gym instructor. Make sure to ask for alternatives in case the hotel’s gym doesn’t have the equipment you are familiar with. Not only will it save you time, but will also save you trouble and frustrations. If possible, ask your travel agent for the list of available equipment at the hotel of your choice beforehand.

If the hotel where you are booked at doesn’t have any gym, ask your instructor to draft a fitness plan you can execute inside the hotel room. This could include easy-to-do and hassle-free exercises like push-ups and tricep dips. You can also do a little shopping or some walking within the vicinity of your hotel. Not only will you explore new surroundings, but also shed those unwanted pounds.

For those on a holiday trip for no more than 10 days, the disruption on the fitness plan may not be such a big deal as long as you resume working out after the trip. However, for those who will be on vacation for extended periods of time, it is best to pick up hassle-free yet effective workout routines. Determine first your problem areas, like hips and abdomen, and then do spot-toning exercises inside your hotel room. If you are visiting friends and relatives, inquire about cheap local fitness centers. Or bring, buy, or borrow a fitness video you can easily follow. And don’t forget about warm-up or stretching to avoid injuries!

One doesn’t really need to stop their workout routine when traveling. It only takes imagination, resourcefulness, and determination to continue pumping up your heart and muscles even if you are away from your favorite work out place.