Chiropractors’ Tips on How to Avoid Sports Injuries


Engaging in sports should be fun and fulfilling. Not only does it keep your body active and physically fit, it also promotes team play, competitiveness, resourcefulness, and other social and mental characteristics. Sports are good for both the body and the mind. That is why ever since we are kids, our parents, teachers, and coaches are already encouraging us to find out which sport we could be best at and motivating us to develop our skills in such sport.

While regular engagement in your preferred sports can do wonders to your body, it also poses the risks of accidents and injuries. Sports injuries are very common, especially with physical sports that involve players to get in contact with another player or to an object such as a. Common sports where injuries usually happen include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, car racing, gymnastics, and the likes. On the other hand sports injuries that commonly happen include bone fractures, muscle cramps, dislocated joints, and pain in the back, legs, arms, and neck.

As chiropractors deal with a lot of sports injury cases, they have the best advice on how athletes and sports enthusiasts can successfully prevent sports injuries. If you are prone to sports injuries or you just want to completely avoid being involved in one, make sure to practice the following tips as recommended by reliable chiropractors.

  1. Always, always, always do some stretching before engaging in the actual game. Stretching is an excellent way to warm up your body, particularly your muscles. It’s like preparing your body for an extensive physical activity that it has to endure. Especially if you haven’t played for a while or are not a regular sports player, stretching is the best way to start any game.
  2. Similarly, if your body requires a warm up before the start of any game, make sure that you a do a cool down activity at the end of the game. This, on the other hand, is like telling the body that the physical activity has ended and that it can relax and go back to its original state. Stretching can be a good way to cool down, too. A proper warm up and cool down activities can effectively prevent your muscles from cramping and your body from feeling intense pain brought by the sports.
  3. Wear proper protective gears such as helmet, knee pads, socks, and the right type of shoes. These apparatuses can significantly help keep your body safe and prevent injuries from falls and bumps.
  4. When you’re not playing your sport, make sure that you keep a regular exercise routine that will still allow your body to move and be physically active. This should help you develop better body coordination and muscular strength that will help you prevent injuries the next time you engage in your sports.
  5. Finally, have a regular chiropractic adjustment session to ensure that your nerves, muscles, and joints are still intact and in place. Hip injuries, for instance, are amongst most frequent injuries in sports. Moreover, chiropractic care promotes general health and well-being that you need in order to continuously enjoy your sports.

When you religiously follow these pieces of advice, you will drastically reduce your risk of facing sports injuries. Take it from the experts, your friendly local chiropractors.